Enterprise Social Networking which has become the premier way to maximize your companies potential. By bridging the world of social networking and business with the tools and technology to make collaboration possible, it's a new world.. See how this technology can enhance your business here, Alantus Business Advantage.

Website Evolution: Choose from two levels of low cost website, one where you drag & drop to build it yourself, selecting from a wide set of templates. Or select a template and let us build it for you in 5 days or less when you simply supply the content. Then when you're ready, evolve to doing both you internal and external business on the web with our other solutions. Website Evolution.

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Partnering carries a double meaning at IVC. We consider each relationship a partnership, however, some are deeper than others. We're always partnered for your success, but the magic occurs when the resulting product leads to our mutual success. Partnering can get you what you want at the lowest possible price when our visions mesh! Contact us about your project, and we;ll be glad to let you know more. Contact

Our Customers

IVC Business Systems has a mission to deliver quality products and services focused on the above core business areas. Some of our Customers include the following,

  • IBM
  • State of Missouri
  • Kaiser Medical
  • Mayo Clinic
  • ESPN Sports
  • PC Magazine
  • Toshiba
  • Ford
  • Mc Graw Hill
  • Car and Driver
  • SBC & Pacific Bell
  • SAIC
  • and more...